I have registered as an apprentice for the Diploma System 5.2 in November 2019 only a few days after finishing the Permaculture Design Certificate at High Heathercombe Center.

To be accredited with the Diploma I need to complete 10 Designs, which include a diverse choice of areas. You can see more about this in the table below.

Here are the 10 designs that I will be working on. These are not just random designs, they have been carefully chosen as you can see in the Action Learning Pathway design.

Design list

As the design work is still in progress you will notice that some are not complete and/or are not there at all. This is ok. I don’t expect to be finished with the whole portfolio until December 2021.

If you wish to learn more about my pacing and what I am doing with my time you can have a look at the Action Learning Pathway which includes a time table of my planned activities.

Design Design Framework Design Tools Holmgren’s domain Areas in Diploma System – categories Main application
1 Action Learning Pathway SADIMET River of Life, Gantt Chart, Web of connections, Journaling Education & Culture Education Personal life & work
Personal level
2 One year internship SADIMET Input output analysis
SWOT analyis
Income flow chart
Function analysis
Finances & economics, Education & Culture Administration / Community Development / Education Personal life & work
Personal & Collective level
3 Creating a learning environment SADIMET Education & Culture Education / Community Development Personal life & work
Personal & Collective level
4 Increase functions of the Mandala Garden GOBRADIMET Education & Culture Site design Personal life & work
Personal & Collective level
5 Diploma Student Focus Week GOBRADIMET Education & Culture Education / Community development / Culture and Communication Work Collective / global level
6 The Ecolodge compost toilet design GOBRADIMET Building, Land & nature stewardship Architecture Work Collective level
7 My personal space SADIMET Health, spirituality and well being Site design Personal level
Personal life
8 iLAND registration – Kuckucksmuehle CEAP Education & Culture Education / Administration / Community development Work
Collective level
9 Aquaponics setup SADIMET Tools & Technology Site design Work
Collective level
10 L&M property design GOBRADIMET Land & nature stewardship Site design Work
Collective level