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5. Online Diploma Student Focus Week

Design:Diploma Student Focus Week
Location: Online
Client:myself & other diploma students
Start and end of planning dates:June 2021 – January 2021
Type of project: Education & Culture
Design process:Design Web


One of the persons in my guild has been doing her diploma for the last 10 years, when we first got together to talk about forming a guild it was evident that whilst taking a long time to complete the diploma is not a tragedy one should be able to complete it in less time than this—bringing action and momentum into the design for myself and others who may wish to participate in the event.

here a diagram about spirals of erosion for people who become demotivated with the diploma…

For this Design, I chose Looby McNamaara’s design web which is influences by The work that reconnects by ?


I made a vision board to encompass some of my thoughts and ideas about various aspects of the events.

Maybe I can add icons to cover different elements of the design web.

Patterns to details, starting with an overall view / birds-eye view of the event and designing each detail to stack as many functions as possible.

Brian storming produces the initial questions which then where used to add around it as lobes into possible answers that could be included in the design.






Systems thinking principles from Looby’s book but may have come from somewhere else?

“Each system has emergent properties”, “we are not the sum of our parts” – how will this design allow for the creation of the emergent without having a rigid structure to get in the way of it?

eg guild formations / tutor student relationships / other supporting events / follow up events

Systems can self stabilize: perhaps this could be said about the interaction of people during the event as they start to get used to each other. Made me think about: forming, storming morning performing

Sytems can evolve in complexity: self-organisation in dynamic and ever-changing scenarios – I am not sure how this applies right now but what if there was a free time which could be used as the participants wish to

Each system is a holon: a system in its own right and part of a larger system. reflection what is this design a part of, how does it contribute to it, and how may it change it?

perhaps a web of connections here would go well: how does the event sit within a larger diploma ecosystem?

how do we show the flow of energy between different aspects

how resilient would the system be in the face of a disturbance: what sort of disturbance could happen?

are these principles enough? I am a bit bored of the usual principles which others would fit well here?